There is no other material that surpasses the elegance, quality and aesthetic appeal of Granite. Virtually indestructible, granite countertops are scratch, stain and heat resistant. This makes them ideal for perfect kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity surfaces. If you are looking to enhance and beautify your kitchen countertop, or your bathroom countertop thinks about a granite countertop. Granite countertops can be polished to a natural high shine or honed to have a more rustic look. Either way, compared to other solid surface material, there is no comparison in durability or cost for the beautiful granite countertops will add to your home.


We have a beautiful display of just a handful of countertops that are available. Other high quality stone products you will find displayed are Quartz, Corian, and Marble. All are available in a wide range of design options and comes in more than 100 colours and patterns.

Our Granite Supplier